For the past 32 years, Alexander & Sons has worked with over 500 doctors across the United States and overseas. See what our clients have to say about us:

Dean Bartlett, Peter Wholegemuth, Barry Josselson, Leah Walker, William Krieg, Jon Golub, Thomas Dimassa, Greg Kubik, George Sargiss, Paul Styrt, John Marchetto, Randy Brown, Bill Mastorakos, Ron Sepic, John Kizior, Gary Harnett, Peter Nasser, Brad Taylor, Alex Waldman, Josh Z Epstein, Andy Barron, Richard McDermott, Jean-François Ollu, Pascal Renaud


For the past 34 years, Alexander & Sons has worked with over 500 doctors across the United States and overseas. See what our clients have to say about us:

Management Consulting 

For 10 plus years we have worked with Ken Alexander and Millenium Management Services,
and to say that we are pleased with his services would be an understatement. We have relied on Ken for everything from redesigning how we schedule patients to enhance our efficiency and optimize our doctor time to handling staff relations and recruitment. Due to these enhancements we have seen our gross revenue triple. If that’s not enough, Ken and his team have also designed our new office and facilitated a smooth practice transition with an extremely detailed and realistic practice valuation. With Ken and his team onboard, nothing has been left to fall through the cracks.
— Dr. Dean Bartlett, Queensbury, NY
Ken and Ryan have been instrumental in the growth and success of my practice. They have helped me in every part of my practice, especially with the scheduling and new patient process. These consultants are genuinely caring, knowledgeable, and great at what they do. Not only are their systems effective and efficient, they get the results you need.
— Dr. Leah Walker, Carlsbad, CA
I have been an extremely satisfied customer for nearly 5 years. There are so many positive things about working with Ryan and Ken. They are always prompt, professional and personal, with extensive knowledge about every facet of orthodontics – from creating an incredibly smooth practice transition to redeveloping my entire scheduling process and designing our new office for maximum efficiency. I have found them to be humble and truthful – if you don’t want to hear what’s not working with your practice, they’re not your guys.

Alexander & Sons is invaluable to my practice. I consider them friends, and they always come through whenever I or my practice are in need. Needless to say, I recommend them to anyone I know needs help.
— Dr. Pedro Alquizar, Miami, FL
I claim only a handful of people to be true mentors. I have had lots of teachers. Ken Alexander is one of those people. I have the highest regard for his knowledge and wisdom in orthodontic practice and in life. He cuts right through the emotional issues that are barriers to achieving what we need and want in our practice and our personal lives. There are few people who genuinely walk the talk. Ken’s success as a practice consultant for more than 35 years is a great testimony to who he is to the orthodontic profession. But, if you look deeper into the family and to how he spends his free time, you really have to acknowledge the strength of his character and leadership.
— Dr. Joseph Gray, Upland, CA
I purchased a practice seeing about 80 patients per day with lots of moderately happy families. Six years later after working with Ken Alexander, we are producing twice as much money, with extremely happy fans that wait less than five minutes on average during an appointment. Ken was able to teach me to correctly template doctor time scheduling to accomplish this amazing change. In addition, his hours of advice over the phone and through e-mail has allowed me to make changes over the years to constantly improve our practice. He has been, and continues to be, a mentor, consultant, and most of all a great friend.
— Dr, Josh Z. Epstein, Manalapan, NJ
Ken Alexander is not only a good consultant, he is a good man. His services have been one of the best investments I have ever made. Ken’s understanding of the profession of orthodontics is second to none and his ability to pinpoint critical issues which need attention is ‘priceless’.
— Dr. Andy Barron, Killeen and Temple, TX
Ken Alexander has the uncanny ability to come into your practice, listen to your goals and then begin to select key people in your practice to help you put great systems into production. He shows you how empowering your staff can be your best marketing tool. When the entire staff has your vision, orthodontics can be both profitable and fun! My friend, Ken Alexander, is the “master” of practice management. As an orthodontic consultant, Ken’s recipe for success in life and business is attitude, motivation and commitment. Ken’s personality reflects such charisma and energy that it is easy to catch his vision and run with it. I can assure you by putting his systems in place everyone benefits – not only monetarily, but personally as well. Ken’s goal is for you to be the best you can be. The most compelling thing about Ken’s guidance is that it isn’t just directed toward monetary rewards but a genuinely sincere friendship and concern for his clients to be the best they can be for life.
— Dr. Gary Harnett, Phoenix, AZ
Ken Alexander’s consulting was one of the most positive steps I took for my professional and personal life. With Ken’s help, we took the practice to the next level – with a consistently smooth schedule, source of new ideas and growth, and open eyes to new practice systems and ideas.
— Dr. John Kizior, Jasper, IN
Hiring Ken is the best money you can invest in your practice. His knowledge and insight will significantly impact your practice. Please call me if you would like a personal recommendation.
— Dr. Greg Kubik, Crystal Lake, IL
How could I not sing your praises when you single-handedly took us to the peak of success!
— Dr. Thomas Dimassa, Lakewood, OH
Ken has worked with my practice for 21 years. His excellent systems and wisdom helped me manage two offices with six busy treatment chairs in each. Ken has always been there with personal care to help us through all our good times and bad. The Alexander family knows orthodontics and this comes through in their excellent service.
— Dr. Alan Montgomery, Shoreview, MN
Depuis 14 ans notre cabinet intègre au quotidien le système Millenium, un grand nombre d’orthodontistes, après quelques années d’activité, sont confrontés à des problèmes d’organisation, de gestion du nombre de patients, de gestion du personnel, de conflits internes avec les collaboratrices, les patients, les parent des patients et de mauvaises relations entre les associés. Une des clés essentielles dans le système d’organisation d’un cabinet d’orthodontie est le système de la gestion des rendez-vous.

Ken Alexander est un expert en la matière, son système de gestion des rendez-permet de fluidifier une journée de travail, permet à chacun de vivre sa journée de la manière la plus harmonieuse possible, permet de diminuer le stress au travail, et permet de développer d’excellentes relation humaines. Très souvent il nous est posé la question suivante : pourquoi intégrer le système Millénium dans son cabinet ? La réponse est simple, parce que c’est le meilleur ! Pourquoi est-ce le meilleur ? La réponse est simple parce que le système Millénium est basé sur la constitution d’excellentes relations humaines et non pas sur la mise en place d’un “livre de recettes”.

Que chacun au sein du cabinet donne le “meilleur de soi même” peut paraître utopiste, et pourtant tout ce qui est impossible reste à réaliser...avec Ken si vous le souhaitez.
— Drs. Jean-François Ollu & Pascal Renaud, Le Mans, France
I have known Ken since he started at Millennium and can testify that he and his team are excellent at what they do—you are in good hands with Alexander and Sons.
— Dr. Dean C. Bellavia, Bio-Engineering Consultant

Doctor Time Scheduling

I have a hard time imagining where my practice would be without Ken’s expertise and ‘watchful eye’. Ken is a master of doctor-time scheduling design and truly a wealth of practice management pearls. He has a knack for resolving conflict and energizing the staff. His visits leave us a bit more refined and efficient than we were before. I highly recommend Ken to anyone who wants to ‘raise the bar’ for themselves, their staff and their practice.
— Dr. Bill Mastorakos, St. Louis, MO
Fantastic!...is what best describes Ryan Alexander. We have worked with Ryan for many years and he has helped us in many ways. His knowledge of the schedules is superior to any other consultant that we have encountered. Ryan helped implement doctor time scheduling, migrated our office from a 15 minute schedule to a 10 minute schedule for better efficiencies, and moved from a 1 doctor schedule to a 2 doctor schedule. He’s also given us great feedback to the New Patient process and suggestions in improving overall operations. Most importantly, Ryan helps the team to get on the same page by having clinical and administrative staff talk and work out their concerns together. He has a way of leading and getting the team to buy-in, take charge of the changes and work together in a very professional manner.
— Dr. David Chenin, Henderson, NV
I brought Ken in when I was experiencing early “burnout” seeing 60 patients a day and today we see 105 patients and I get to go home early. My staff has very clear objectives, and our reputation in our community is outstanding.
— Dr. Jon Golub, Ft. Lee, NJ
In my first few years of my growing start up practice, I quickly came to the realization that the schedule is the most important part of an orthodontic practice, yet we were scheduling patients randomly without much rhyme or reason. Ken Alexander not only set me up with an efficient template suited to my needs, but also taught me the secrets to practice efficiency, and how I can continue to grow my practice through the process of efficient scheduling despite an ever growing and demanding patient base. I was impressed with how well Ken understands the orthodontic field and how easy it was for him to absorb the nuances of our practice and create a unique, customized solution. I recommend Ken without hesitation to any orthodontist looking to improve his or her practice, particularly to the new orthodontist looking to create a proper schedule that can be built on and enhanced over time.

I truly enjoyed my consulting experience with Mr. Ken Alexander. Ken is not only a genius at scheduling, but a uniquely personal individual who has a caring touch. My staff was particularly impressed with how respectful he was towards their needs. Since I am still in the early years of practice, I look forward to a long professional and personal relationship.
— Dr. Alex Waldman, Beverly Hills, CA
Ken’s doctor time scheduling keeps us on time, along with reducing the stress in our office...and patients love it! His creative ideas in marketing have helped grow our practice. Ken has taught us how to have fun in the office for everyone – patients, staff and doctors! Thank you Ken for all you have done for Chris and me.
— Dr. Ron Sepic, Uniontown, PA
Ken’s vast experience and valuable insights have greatly improved our scheduling and enhanced everything we do in our practice, from increased profitability to decreased stress!
— Dr. Paul Styrt, San Diego, CA

Practice Transitions

My practice purchase experience with Ryan Alexander was exceptional. From the first time I contacted him until the closing day, he was always available and replied to all my questions in regards to the transaction. He studied the logistics of my project so well that he knew all the minor details about it. It made my life easier and reduced the stress related to this life changing decision. I recommend Ryan and Alexander and Sons without hesitation. Looking forward to working together again in the future.
— Dr. Carlos Caballero
Ken and his team have always been diligent in providing the best possible consulting, transition, and practice management services to our orthodontic sellers and buyers. I know that our orthodontists will have their questions expertly answered. He always keeps our clients’ other advisors informed throughout the course of the practice transition. He and his team continue to be a pleasure to work with and an organization to whom we continue to refer our clients.
— Barry H. Josselson, Esq., Orange, CA
In the last few years, Ken has helped me bring in an associate and is in the process of helping us develop this into a partnership. Once again, Ken has cut through the unnecessary questions and aggravation that can occur with this potentially stressful transition. His valuation of the practice showed a keen insight that would not be able to be gleaned from someone without an extensive background in orthodontic practices. He has anticipated my needs as well as the needs of my associate and has created a game plan that is fair to both sides.

I cannot recommend Ken Alexander and Millenium more highly than I do. Over the years, our relationship has become one of mutual respect, and at times feels more like a friendship than a business relationship. I know that is how I want my patients to feel and is what I strive for in all my relationships in life.
— Dr. Peter Wohlgemuth, Boca Raton, FL

Space Design

It’s been my pleasure and good fortune for over 20 years to work with Ken Alexander in a variety of areas. Initially we focused on office systems and building a master schedule, allowing us both greater productivity and improved customer service. Then as my practice grew, he helped to cleverly redesign our space when the suite next door became available, and we were able to double our square footage. Most recently he helped me with a transition from solo practice into a thriving partnership through assistance in practice valuation, working agreements and lots of wise counsel.

I really can’t say enough good things about Ken. He wears a lot of hats and does so very well. He’s kind, patient, hard working, clever and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of orthodontics. Ken’s services have provided tremendous value for my practice that will continue to generate exceptional dividends for years to come.
— Dr. William Krieg, St. Claire Shores, MI

Lecturing and Motivational Speaking

I have heard Ken lecture no less than ten times and I continue to learn. His depth of knowledge of orthodontics is outstanding. He has showed me how to work smarter instead of harder. His systems are fabulous and his scheduling (module) is second to none. There is no better person to have help you to bring your practice to the top of the profession!
— Dr. John Marchetto, Weston, FL
Ken’s lectures are very insightful, humorous and well organized. He loads them with great pearls that are excellent for doctors and staff.
— Dr. Brad Taylor, Palm Beach ,FL
Ken’s lectures are packed full of valuable marketing and management information. If you want to make your practice grow, Ken’s information is the key and money well spent!
— Dr. George Sargiss, Freehold, NJ
Hiring Ken was the single best decision I have made in my professional career. He has helped me dramatically increase production and decrease stress in my office. Ken has made my practice fun again. Ken’s lectures are highly informative and motivational. Hiring him to come into my practice was the single best decision I have made in my professional career.
— Dr. Randy Brown, Evansville, IN

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