Management Consulting

At Alexander & Sons (formerly Millenium Management Services) we pride ourselves on offering highly-tailored, boutique consulting to each and every client. We offer excellent value and ask a fair price. Our clients have found great success and have many kind things to say about working with us. We do full-service management consulting, including scheduling, marketing, staff development, practice transitions, space planning and design, and public lecturing to orthodontists and their teams.

Management Consulting

Alexander & Sons orthodontic management consulting

At Alexander & Sons, we pride ourselves on offering highly-tailored, boutique consulting to each and every client. After working with us, our average client sees approximately 75 to 80 patients a day with a $1.5M to $2M practice. We offer excellent value and ask a fair price – but don't take our word for it. Our clients have found great success and have many kind things to say about working with us. 

Our Process

Scheduling: If your practice is going to grow, you need to have systems in place to handle growth. Thus, we typically will start with the scheduling system, to get your practice humming along at maximum timeliness. Then we move to the New Patient Process, because your conversion rates are only as good as your practices's ability to effectively take a new patient through the process from the initial call, through observation, to the start of treatment.

Marketing is more than just a buzzword – it must be a carefully planned and executed process and mindset that leads to not only more calls, more visits and more starts, but ultimately more successful treatments and happy customers. We work with doctors to dial in their branding and aesthetics, along with identifying and attracting the right sorts of patients to ensure that the overall process will be smooth and effective.

Staff Development: We'll also work with your staff to develop excellent customer service and maximize teamwork. Sometimes staff members end up in a position that isn't the best fit, or just need to understand how their job fits into a cohesive whole. We work to identify each person's natural strengths to motivate, inspire and develop strong and effective teams. 

We also provide custom-branded forms and letters for all of your practice's needs, from auto-generating fee agreements to patient report cards. At each step, we'll work to fine-tune your systems and tracking, make sure no patients fall through the cracks, and offer recommendations on vendors and workflows from around the industry to find the solutions that are exactly right for your practice.

Our management contracts typically include monthly remote monitoring and reports, regular contact with office managers and coordinators, and quarterly visits to your office to ensure everything is running as efficiently as possible. If you're ready to take your practice to the next level, please give us a call – we look forward to helping your practice grow like crazy.